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Types of Sex Toys In India

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Sex Toys In India are devices or products designed to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. They come in various shapes, sizes, and functions, and they can be used for solo or couples’ play.

If you’re interested in purchasing sex toys in India, you should be aware of the legal status in your specific location. Additionally, online platforms may offer discreet and private ways to purchase such products.

Here are some common types of Sex toys In India :


Vibrators are a popular type of Sex Toys In India designed to provide sexual stimulation through vibration. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, catering to different preferences and needs. Here are some common types of vibrators:

  • Clitoral Vibrators: These are small, discreet vibrators designed to stimulate the clitoris, one of the most sensitive areas of the female body. They are often compact and easy to use, making them a popular choice for solo play and couples’ play.
  • G-Spot Vibrators: These are curved vibrators designed to target the G-spot, an erogenous zone located inside the vagina. They have a curved shape to help stimulate this area more effectively.
  • Wand Massagers: Wand massagers are larger, powerful vibrators often used for external stimulation. They are versatile and can be used for massage as well as sexual pleasure. The Hitachi Magic Wand is a famous example of this type.
  • Rabbit Vibrators: Rabbit vibrators have a dual-action design, with a part for clitoral stimulation and a part for internal stimulation. They are known for their unique and intense pleasure potential.
  • Bullet Vibrators: Bullet vibrators are small, bullet-shaped devices that can be used for pinpoint stimulation on various erogenous zones. They are often discreet and easy to carry around.
  • Remote-Controlled Vibrators: These vibrators can be controlled remotely using a remote control or a smartphone app, making them suitable for couples’ play or discreet public play.
  • App-Controlled Vibrators: These are similar to remote-controlled vibrators but are controlled through a dedicated smartphone app, offering more customization and long-distance control.

When choosing a vibrator, it’s important to consider factors like size, material (common materials include silicone, plastic, and metal), power source (battery-operated or rechargeable), and the type of stimulation you desire. Always ensure that the vibrator is made from body-safe materials and easy to clean. It’s also essential to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and maintenance.

Remember that the choice of a vibrator is a highly personal one, so you should choose a vibrator that suits your preferences and comfort levels.

Dildos In India

Dildos are sex toys designed for penetration and are typically phallic in shape, although they can come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. They are versatile and can be used for solo pleasure, as well as with a partner. Here are some key considerations when it comes to dildos:

  • Size and Shape: Dildos come in a wide range of sizes, from small and slim to large and girthy. The shape can vary too, with some designed to mimic a realistic penis while others have more abstract or artistic shapes. The size and shape you choose should depend on your personal preferences and comfort levels.
  • Material: Dildos are made from various materials, including silicone, glass, metal, rubber, and more. It’s important to select a material that is body-safe, easy to clean, and compatible with any lubricants you plan to use.
  • Texture: Some dildos have textured surfaces, like ridges, bumps, or veins, to enhance stimulation. Consider whether you prefer a smooth or textured surface based on your preferences.
  • Suction Cup Base: Some dildos come with a suction cup base, which allows you to attach them to a flat, smooth surface for hands-free use. This feature can be convenient for solo play.
  • Double-Ended Dildos: Double-ended dildos are designed for use with a partner and have a phallic shape on both ends. They can be used for simultaneous penetration or other creative play.
  • Strap-On Compatible: If you plan to use the dildo in a strap-on harness, make sure it is compatible with strap-on systems. Look for a dildo with a flared base for secure harness attachment.
  • Temperature Play: Glass and metal dildos can be heated or cooled for temperature play, offering a unique sensation.

When using dildos, it’s important to prioritize safety and hygiene. Clean the dildo before and after use, and use a suitable lubricant to enhance comfort and prevent friction. If sharing with a partner, use a condom or thoroughly clean the toy between uses.

Dildos can be a great addition to your sexual repertoire, whether you’re exploring solo pleasure, enhancing your sex life with a partner, or engaging in role-play scenarios. Make sure to choose one that aligns with your desires and preferences.

Anal Toys

Anal toys are specifically designed for anal stimulation and pleasure. They come in various shapes and sizes to cater to different preferences and levels of experience. Here are some common types of anal toys:

  • Anal Beads: These are a series of smooth, spherical beads on a string or flexible material. They are inserted anally and gradually pulled out during orgasm for heightened pleasure.
  • Butt Plugs: Butt plugs are designed for anal insertion and are characterized by a tapered or bulbous head that helps them stay in place. They come in various sizes, from small beginner-friendly plugs to larger ones for more experienced users.
  • Prostate Massagers: These are designed to stimulate the prostate, which is a highly sensitive area in the anal region for some individuals. They often have a curved shape to target the prostate more effectively.
  • Anal Dildos: These are dildos specifically designed for anal penetration. They come in various sizes and shapes, and it’s crucial to choose one that suits your experience level.
  • Anal Vibrators: These are vibrating anal toys that provide added stimulation. They can come in the form of anal beads, butt plugs, or dildos with built-in vibrators.
  • Inflatable Anal Toys: Inflatable anal toys can be inserted at a smaller size and then inflated to your desired level of fullness. They allow for gradual and customizable expansion.
  • Anal Training Kits: These kits often include a range of toys in different sizes to help individuals gradually and comfortably explore anal play and expand their comfort levels over time.

When using anal toys, it’s essential to prioritize safety and comfort:

  • Always use a water-based lubricant, as the anus does not naturally lubricate itself. Lubrication is crucial to prevent discomfort and injury.
  • Start with smaller, beginner-friendly toys if you are new to anal play and progress to larger ones as you become more comfortable.
  • Communicate openly with your partner if engaging in anal play with someone else, and ensure that you both consent to the activity.
  • Practice good hygiene by cleaning anal toys thoroughly before and after use.
  • Use a condom on anal toys when sharing with a partner or using the same toy for vaginal and anal play to prevent cross-contamination.

Anal play can be a source of pleasure and exploration for many individuals and couples, but it should be approached with care and respect for each person’s comfort and boundaries.

Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation sleeves, also known as strokers or pocket pussies, are male sex toys designed to enhance the solo pleasure experience for individuals with penises. These devices come in various shapes, sizes, and materials and are designed to mimic the sensation of vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse. Here are some key points to consider when it comes to masturbation sleeves:

  • Material: Masturbation sleeves are typically made from soft, body-safe materials such as silicone, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), or other similar materials. It’s important to choose a material that is easy to clean and compatible with water-based lubricants.
  • Texture: Many masturbation sleeves have textured interiors with ridges, bumps, or other patterns to enhance stimulation and mimic the sensations of real sexual intercourse.
  • Size and Shape: These toys come in various sizes and shapes, from compact and discreet designs to larger and more realistic forms.
  • Vibration: Some masturbation sleeves come with built-in vibrators or can accommodate a vibrating bullet for added stimulation.
  • Easy to Clean: Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for hygiene. Most masturbation sleeves are designed to be easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  • Lubrication: To enhance comfort and reduce friction, it’s recommended to use a water-based lubricant with your masturbation sleeve.
  • Suction: Some models have a suction cup base or a cap that can be adjusted to create a vacuum-like suction effect, adding to the realism of the experience.

Masturbation sleeves are intended for solo use, and they can provide a unique and satisfying experience. They allow individuals to explore and experiment with different sensations and intensities. Like all sex toys, it’s important to choose a product that suits your preferences and comfort levels.

Proper care and maintenance of your masturbation sleeve, including regular cleaning and using the right lubricant, will help ensure the longevity and hygiene of the toy. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for usage and care.

Kegel Balls

Kegel balls, also known as Ben Wa balls or pelvic floor exercise balls, are small, weighted devices designed to help individuals strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Here’s what you need to know about Kegel balls:

  • Purpose: Kegel balls are primarily used for pelvic floor exercises. These exercises, known as Kegel exercises, involve contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor to improve bladder control, increase sexual sensation, and enhance overall pelvic health. They are often recommended for people experiencing issues like urinary incontinence, post-pregnancy pelvic muscle weakness, or sexual dissatisfaction.
  • Design: Kegel balls are typically small, weighted spheres made of materials like silicone, metal, or glass. They may have a string or retrieval cord attached to make insertion and removal easier. Some designs include interchangeable weights to allow for gradual progress.
  • Use: To use Kegel balls, you insert them into the vagina, and then contract your pelvic floor muscles to hold them in place. Regularly practicing Kegel exercises with these balls can help strengthen the pelvic floor over time.
  • Variety: Kegel balls come in various sizes and weights to accommodate different experience levels and preferences. Beginners often start with larger, lighter balls and gradually progress to smaller, heavier ones as their muscle strength improves.
  • Lubrication: It’s important to use a water-based lubricant when inserting Kegel balls for comfort and ease.
  • Cleaning: Ensure proper hygiene by cleaning Kegel balls before and after each use. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, typically involving warm water and mild soap.
  • Safety: If you experience pain, discomfort, or any other adverse reactions while using Kegel balls, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Kegel balls can offer both health and sexual benefits. When used consistently and correctly, they can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, leading to improved bladder control and enhanced sexual sensation. Additionally, some people find the act of using Kegel balls to be pleasurable in itself.

If you’re considering using Kegel balls, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare provider or a pelvic floor therapist to ensure you’re using them effectively and safely, especially if you have specific pelvic health concerns.

Couples’ Toys

Couples’ sex toys are designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure for partners during sexual activity. These toys can be used to spice up your sex life, improve communication and connection, and add excitement to your relationship. Here are some common types of couples’ sex toys:
  • Couples’ Vibrators: These vibrators are designed to be used during penetrative sex. They typically provide clitoral stimulation for one partner while allowing the other to engage in vaginal or anal penetration. Some models offer dual stimulation, enhancing pleasure for both partners.
  • Remote-Controlled Toys: These are sex toys that can be controlled remotely, often via a wireless remote control or a smartphone app. They can be used for discreet public play or long-distance intimacy. Some examples include remote-controlled vibrators, prostate massagers, and wearable panties.
  • Couples’ Rings: These are vibrating rings that are worn by a male partner around the base of the penis. They provide clitoral stimulation during intercourse and can help maintain an erection.
  • Bondage and Fetish Toys: For couples interested in BDSM or fetish play, there are a wide variety of toys and accessories available, such as handcuffs, blindfolds, floggers, and restraints.
  • Sensual Massage Oils and Candles: These products can help set a romantic mood and enhance the experience for both partners. Sensual massage can also be an intimate and connecting activity.
  • Sex Games: Various board games, card games, and apps are designed to add an element of fun and surprise to your sexual experiences as a couple.
  • Strap-Ons: Strap-on harnesses and dildos are used by couples, both same-sex and opposite-sex, to engage in penetrative play. These toys allow for role reversal and can be used for various forms of pleasure.

When using couples’ sex toys In India, communication is key. It’s essential to discuss your desires, boundaries, and comfort levels with your partner to ensure a positive and satisfying experience. Here are some tips for introducing couples’ sex toys into your relationship:

  • Open Communication: Discuss your desires, fantasies, and any concerns with your partner. Honesty and openness are vital.
  • Shopping Together: Consider shopping for sex toys together, either in-store or online. This can be a fun and bonding experience.
  • Start Slow: If you’re new to couples’ toys, begin with something simple and work your way up to more complex toys as you become more comfortable.
  • Use Lubrication: Make sure to use a water-based lubricant with your toys to enhance comfort and reduce friction.
  • Proper Cleaning: Regularly clean and maintain your toys according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure hygiene and longevity.

Couples’ sex toys can be a great addition to your relationship, adding excitement and variety to your sexual experiences. They are meant to be fun, enjoyable, and mutually satisfying with Call Girls In Mumbai.




BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) gear encompasses a wide range of tools and accessories that are used in BDSM activities and fetish play. These items are designed to enhance the experience, establish dominance or submission, and ensure the safety and well-being of all parties involved. Here are some common BDSM gear and accessories:

  • Handcuffs and Restraints: These are used to immobilize a submissive partner, whether for pleasure, role-play, or as part of dominance and submission dynamics.
  • Blindfolds and Masks: Sensory deprivation and anticipation play a significant role in BDSM. Blindfolds and masks can heighten the sensation of touch and amplify the sense of vulnerability.
  • Collars and Leashes: Collars are often used to symbolize ownership and submission in BDSM relationships. Leashes may be attached to collars for physical control and role-play.
  • Whips, Floggers, and Paddles: Impact play is a common aspect of BDSM. These tools are used to deliver sensations ranging from light to intense and can be used for pleasure, discipline, or punishment.
  • Ball Gags and Mouth Restraints: These are used to restrict a submissive partner’s ability to speak or make noise. They are often employed in power exchange dynamics.
  • Candles and Wax Play: Special candles designed for BDSM wax play can be used to drip hot wax on the body, creating sensations of pleasure and pain.
  • Electro-Stimulation Devices: These tools use electrical currents to stimulate nerve endings and provide a unique sensation. Safety is crucial when using electro-stimulation devices.
  • Nipple Clamps and Suckers: These tools are used to stimulate and/or apply pressure to the nipples, creating a mix of pleasure and pain.
  • Rope and Bondage Tape: Rope bondage, also known as shibari or kinbaku, involves intricate patterns of tying and restraining a partner using rope. Bondage tape is a less intricate but convenient alternative for restraint play.
  • Safety and Medical Gear: This may include items such as medical scissors for quick release from restraints and first-aid supplies for safety during BDSM activities.
  • Furniture and Equipment: BDSM furniture like bondage benches, Saint Andrew’s crosses, and spanking horses can provide a range of opportunities for restraint and play.
  • Fetish Clothing and Accessories: Latex, leather, PVC, and other fetish clothing items are often worn in BDSM scenes. Accessories like harnesses, cuffs, and fetish footwear are also popular.

Safety and consent are paramount in BDSM activities. All parties involved must have clear communication and understanding of their roles, boundaries, and desires. Safewords are often used to communicate when play needs to stop or be adjusted.

Before engaging in BDSM play, it’s important to educate yourself, practice with care, and consider the physical and emotional well-being of all participants. If you are new to BDSM, consider seeking guidance from experienced practitioners or resources to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

It’s important to note that the use of sex toys is a personal choice, and they can be used to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety and hygiene when using sex toys, which includes cleaning and maintaining them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Additionally, communication and consent between partners are crucial when introducing sex toys into a relationship.

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